Mono Blanco Band was founded in Mexico city back in 1977, by Gilberto Gutiérrez Silva, Juan Pascoe y José Angel Gutiérrez, three young guy motivated by the Son Jarocho. After a few recording and investigation of the Son Jarocho, they built a friendship whit the famous and legendary Don Arcadio Hidalgo, who joined them at the age of 87. Soon after Don Andres Vega another excellent urban Jaranero, joined the group.

During 4 years being sponsored by the “Secretaria de Educacion Publica”, the Mono Blanco Group performed several times, recorded two albums, made presence in T.V. as well as stared to work with communities from Veracruz, with the intention to bring to life the tradition of the land, in particular, The Fandangos, celebrations that are harmonized with Son Jarocho.

By the year 1984 Don Arcadio Hidalgo passed away, Although the group continued the good work with two new members, the legendary harp player from Tlacotalpan Veracruz, Andres Alfonso Vergara and so did Jose Tereso Vega, son of Andres Vega.

Bring to the table all the activities performed by the Group Mono Blanco would be too extend, but all interested in thier work would be so glad from the following section, althogh is just a small fraction of their most relevant work, please click on the link in order to see the performances.